“Wait, I think I hear an ice-cream truck!”

Convivialist- for all those fond of feasting and being with jovial company…

My name is Jillian May and I am an American visual artist living in Berlin. Food– cooking, eating and, most of all, sharing meals– is a passion of mine. Since moving to Europe from New York, I have been lucky to find many kindred souls who also have an appetite for cooking and eating together. I will call them fellow convivialists. They come from vastly different backgrounds and countries, but are bound by their love of food and sharing of their own tastes and experiences.

Convivialist is a journal (or, if you like, blog) in which I record culinary adventures with friends and acquaintances who prepare something uniquely theirs, something they know, enjoy and take pride in sharing. Each article acts first as a how-to, showing a way to prepare, say, classic Japanese Gyoza or simple Italian Amatriciana. But it also serves to tell a story about the people who have showed me the recipe and who have taken time out of their week to slow down, get together and cook. From time to time I throw in some of my own experiments, stories and research, but Convivialist is ultimately not about me. It is instead about all those who reaffirm their identity and culture through the way they eat. These people are not only food industry careerists, but anybody who keeps recipes and traditions from home alive. I invite all eaters, both curious and traditional, to step into one of Convivialist’s worlds. Thanks so much for reading.

If you have comments or questions, feel free to write me at: jillian.may@gmail.com

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