The New Convivialist

Month: April, 2014

A Better Potato Salad (mayonnaise-free)


Both potato salad and egg salad, in their traditional senses, have always left me cold. Potato salad recalls a sweltering August afternoon, an enormous Tupperware container of gooey white mass, hanging out somewhere between the gas grill and the Dr. Pepper. And egg salad, even worse: grade school lunch. Smushed between two slices of white bread, mummified in plastic wrap, the sickening smell divulged all at once, as the thermo-bag in which it has been fermenting for five hours is unzipped. Read the rest of this entry »

A New Homepage for Convivialist

Convivialist food blog

I’m happy to present Convivialist’s new home page!
I’ve moved, so in the future, please use for all new posts.